What Set SECOT Air Service Apart
SECOT        is totally committed to satisfy client expectations by strictly implementing the                   Quality Assurance/Quality Control
                  (QA/QC) program and maintaining the high quality service.
SECOT's      goal is to do right the first time, right everytime.
SECOT         treats all information provided by our clients as sensitive business information                     and handles it accordingly.
SECOT         has performed over 3,000 successful emission measurement programs.
SECOT         has analytical capacity for approximately 8,000 samples per year.
SECOT         has key staff members of more than 10 years experience in air quality                    measurement technology.
SECOT's      staff are familiar with all EPA, NIOSH, OSHA testing methods or any well                    recognized agency references.
SECOT         can recognize abnormal test data. This is crucial to client's equipment operation.                    Early detection of unusual
                   test data can lead to operational corrections which results in quality data                    collection and avoid lost compliance
SECOT         generates accurate testing, analyzing and reporting of defensible, technically                    correct data. Test results are
                   seldom questioned by the regulatory authorities.
SECOT         has maintained an inhouse inventory of air quality analyzers and support                    equipment in order to respond quickly
                   to clients needs.
SECOT         has maintained versatile alternative set ups for testing in tight spaces, high                    temperature, extremely large or
                   small ducts, cyclonic flow, such as Non-rigid Method 5, Compact Method 5,                    Method 17, double jacketed probe,
                   variety of probe length available up to 12 meters, in-stack thimble filter holder                    assembly etc.
SECOT         has its own calibration equipment (including a wind tunnel) to more accurately                    calibrate its instrument.
SECOT's       sampling and instrument system allows to monitor 2 sources simultaneously.
SECOT         has worked on nearly 150 Environmental Impact Assessment projects with                    clients from industrial sectors,
                   business, government agencies and institutions.
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