Quality Assurance and Quality Control
SECOT provides complete Quality Assurance/Quality Control at all stages of our service process. SECOT take active measures to ensure that our services remain at high level of quality. The management team and staff of SECOT are committed to the continued implementation of a company policy to produce quality assured data. SECOT maintains :
l  Individual personnel assigned chain of custody duties for field samples
l  Individual review of all data reduction
l  Multi-tiered data review and approval process
l  In-house development of Standard Quality Assurance data forms
l  Development and implementation of Standard Operation Procedures for field and laboratory activities
l  Regular lab/field staff training to ensure adherence to quality assurance procedures
l  Adherence to all EPA requirements as specified by individual method ; US EPA. QA Handbook for Air Pollution Measurement System, Volume I : Ambient Air Monitoring Program Quality System Development, Volume II : Ambient Air Specific Method, Volume III : Stationary Source Specific Methods, Volume IV Meteorological Measurement
SECOT truly understands the special needs of its clients since our management team have prior source and ambient air testing experience. Rather than just acting as a consultancy company for environmental monitoring and processing
samples, SECOT can offer guidance for field sampling strategies and sample collection. Any queries or technical assistance clients need will be handled in a professional manner with our total resources.

Let us personally show you why you can rely on SECOT for all your environmental, safety and monitoring solutions
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